Residence Ludwig Znojmo

We are pleased to introduce the first project of its kind in the Znojmo region: Residence Ludwig, an apartment building on Rooseveltova street in Znojmo. We offer Austrian standard of living to discerning clients who seek quality and view investments in a broader, long-term perspective.

An investment in living in Residence Ludwig is an investment in an upscale flat. Thanks to the latest green technologies, your running costs will be minimal. You can also make the most of the wonderful Znojmo region.

Residence Ludwig is located in the very heart of Znojmo. You’re just a short walk away from Znojmo’s pictureque historical centre and also near the entrance to the unique national park Podyjí. Wine lovers will appreciate the great selection of wine bars and wine cellars where they can sample wines from local vineyards. There are many vineyards spread around the whole city and they add to its magical atmosphere. Life flows at a pleasant pace here and everyone is very welcoming. Fans of cycling will enjoy the endless cycling paths that connect the whole Moravian region but also the Austrian wine region Weinviertel.

Proximity to the Austrian border brings a distinct international feel to the area. Znojmo’s music festival have a great reputation all around the country. It only takes an hour to get from Znojmo, a city that brings together the rich Czech history with the best traditions of Moravian folklore, to the international airport in Vienna. Winters are mild and summers are long and sunny.

Invest in your future in Znojmo – a rich life at your doorstep and a warm welcome from everyone.

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